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As a leading fire pit and outdoor fireplace manufacturer in the country, Fireglass Factory is dedicated to providing customers with premium, high-quality products that bring a touch of class to any room. We’re proud that various media outlets have featured our products. From HGTV specials to NBC segments, the attention our products have received has landed them in well-known clubs, restaurants, hotels, and even in the homes of A-list celebrities.

Fireglass Factory produces all kinds of fire pit products; among these, fire glass, fire rocks, burners, and other accessories. We also encourage our customers to build their own fire pit with our selection of fire bowls, match lights, and ignition kits.

One of the specialties of Fireglass Factory is fire glass, a type of tempered glass that replaces gas logs. Unlike gas logs, fire glass does not emit toxic fumes, smoke, or soot, making it a safer and more elegant alternative than its more traditional counterparts.

Fire glass requires very little maintenance, as the glass chips are designed to withstand high temperatures without melting, chipping, discoloring, or burning. Moreover, because fire glass comes in all shapes, sizes, and color, it can magnify the vibrancy and warmth of a fireplace, giving it a unique character and elegance that is reflective of the individual customer’s tastes.

We also offer fire rocks, which are perfectly smooth stone balls that work the same as fire glass. While fire glass can give a fireplace or fire pit a distinctly elegant look, fire rocks give off a homier and cozier feel. Much like its glass counterpart, fire rocks emit no smoke, does not burn or melt, and requires less maintenance than traditional gas logs.


Because of its versatility, fire glass and fire rocks are the preferred material for the fire pits of the discerning customer. These products add a touch of class to any room they’re placed in and are safer to use than traditional materials. Our products are best paired with our manufactured fire pits and fireplaces.

With our experience as a leading gas fire pit manufacturer, Fireglass Factory is your top source of fire pit and fireplace accessories, as well as fire glass and fire rocks products. If you have any inquiries about our products, how to order, or other concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our friendly customer service representatives are standing by to address all your fireplace and fire pit issues.