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Lava Stones and Fire Rocks From Fireglass Factory

Fire rocks, much like fire glass, are a great alternative to traditional fire pit materials like wood. Fire rocks are usually porous balls of stone that retain heat effectively and are designed for use in tandem with fire glass. Although used primarily for their aesthetic quality, fire rocks are actually proven to be efficient at increasing the combustion rate of propane and other natural gases in fire pits. Because fire rocks do not emit carbon dioxide, they are safe for use in any household. Fire rocks also do not create soot, making them easy to maintain and reusable for years. Fire rocks are an eco-friendly solution and are a perfect addition to your Fireglass Factory fire pit. At Fireglass Factory, we sell high-quality lava stones for your fire stone needs. These lava stones naturally retain heat, can withstand extreme temperatures, and serve as the main distributor of fuel in a fire pit.

Contact Fireglass Factory today, and our friendly and efficient customer service representatives will assist you in finding the perfect kind of fire rock for your fire pit. For optimal heat retention and for great aesthetics, we recommended the use of fire rocks in tandem with our fire glass products, as the former acts as padding for the latter.

Fire Rocks