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Crystal Fire Glass for Outdoor Fire Pits

When it comes to modern fire pits, the material of choice by discerning clients is fire glass. Fire glass crystals are made from tempered glass and are polished to buff sharp edges. They are a great alternative to logs and other combustible materials because these glass chips are designed not to burn or emit smoke. Moreover, fire glass is perfect for outdoor use, as they are less susceptible to wind. Fire glass crystals are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and can retain heat as efficiently as the more traditional materials. Because it is made of glass, fire glass crystals burn without soot or toxic fumes, making them the perfect addition to any outdoor fire pit. Our fire glass crystals come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, which mean that customers can customize their fire pit with various types of fire glass to give their flames a unique character whenever they want.

For customers looking to buy fire glass crystals, or crystal reflective fire glass, look no further than Fireglass Factory. As a leading provider of fire pit and fireplace accessories, Fireglass Factory provides customers with an extensive array of various fire glass types, from colored beads to zircon. Order yours today.

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